Monday, February 11, 2008

Can I upload multiple models into ADAPA?

Yes, you can. ADAPA supports deployment of multiple models.

Once your model(s) is uploaded successfully, it is ready to be used, either via the ADAPA Console and the Excel add-in in batch-mode or through Web Services in real-time.

If you have a model already in place, ADAPA will throw an error if you try to upload another model with the same name (the name of a model is specified inside the PMML file in its model element).

ADAPA also supports composing of multiple models into a single model. This important feature supports a variety of model composition cases such as model segmentation, composition, ensembles, and chaining.

For examples and instructions on how to represent model composition in PMML and ADAPA, please refer to the book "PMML in Action" available at

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