Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Analytics Moves to the Amazon Cloud

Please see James Taylor's excellent blog "More Analytics in the Cloud" regarding an announcement related to cloud computing and analytics. Mathematica and MATLAB are following Zementis and now offer solutions on Amazon EC2 that focus on complex and computationally intensive applications.

We launched our ADAPA predictive analytics decision engine on EC2 which allows users to deploy, integrate, and execute statistical scoring models, e.g., using algorithms like neural networks, support vector machine (SVM), decision tree, clustering models, naive bayes classifiers and various regression models.

Finally, companies have the option to save a lot of software licensing cost by buying predictive analytics like books, under a cost effective pay-as-you-go SaaS license model.

It is great to see more mathematical applications migrate to the cloud. This is one of the best opportunities where cloud computing can reduce cost and complexity of implementing computational efforts in HPC, large-scale simulations, and predictive analytics.

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