Tuesday, November 11, 2008

R to PMML Export Video Tutorial

We created a brief video to demonstrate how easy it is to export PMML from R. The Predictive Model Markup Language is the industry standard which allows you to exchange statistical models between a variety of software solutions.

[High Res Video: Exporting PMML from R]

This example walks through the steps required to create a neural network model for the Iris classification problem and then export the model as a PMML file. Once exported in PMML format, the model is ready to be deployed and executed, e.g., in the Zementis ADAPA scoring engine.

To follow this example, you will need to download the PMML package, and the Iris.csv data file.

Please refer to the following articles for a more comprehensive introduction to PMML and additional information about PMML export for R.

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