Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Synergy of Rules and Predictive Analytics

While attending the Business Rules Forum 2008 in Orlando, it was apparent that many of the rules engine vendors have discovered the value of predictive analytics and consider supporting the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard. As part of the Enterprise Decision Management track of the conference, Zementis presented on open source, open standards, and cloud computing under the title of Agile Deployment of Predictive Analytics Using Amazon EC2.

The synergies of rules and predictive models form the foundation for an Enterprise Decision Management strategy. While rules describe explicit knowledge, predictive analytics leverages implicit knowledge that is embedded in your data.

At Zementis, we have long combined rules and predictive models for better decisions. Our ADAPA decisioning engine seamlessly integrates the Drools rules engine. If you are already using Drools, you can effectively deploy predictive models in your business process with minimal effort.

Even if you are using a rules engine from Ilog, Corticon, or another rules engine vendor, ADAPA provides an easy, SOA-based integration via web services. Predictive analytics does not have to be complex or costly to deploy, if you follow open standards and leverage best-of-breed solutions.

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