Thursday, December 18, 2008

KNIME 2.0 Adds PMML Import and PMML Export

Zementis is a fervent supporter of open standards for predictive analytics and data mining. As the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard continues to gain momentum, we are pleased to see that the open source tool KNIME 2.0 has added support for PMML export and import as part of their latest release.

At Zementis, we have already tested the KNIME PMML export quite extensively and we are excited to report that it works well with ADAPA, our PMML scoring engine.

KNIME 2.0 currently exports models in PMML 3.1 which are automatically converted to the latest PMML format once uploaded in any of the Zementis scoring products.

In addition for the native import/export nodes for PMML, KNIME also provides access to an R node that allows the export of PMML. This node leverages the R PMML export library that Zementis has been supporting and which has been covered extensively in the ADAPA support blog.

The KNIME blog provides a detailed description about how to convert R models into PMML.

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