Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SAP selects Zementis as a winner in the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Development Contest

Recently, SAP sponsored a contest that challenged the developer community to create and demonstrate the most innovative use of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer APIs inside of another application or process. The challenge was a great success, and SAP received a large number of high-quality submissions.

In its solution, Zementis combined on-demand, high-performance processing for predictive algorithms through the ADAPA Predictive Analytics scoring engine on Amazon EC2 with dynamic, on-demand visualization of the results in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. The Zementis innovation leverages services deployed in two distinct cloud computing infrastructures, Amazon EC2 and SAP, demonstrating true interoperability between services, platforms, and vendors.

We also posted a brief VIDEO that illustrates the integration between ADAPA and the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

(SAP Announcement Details)

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