Monday, August 24, 2009

EU Cloud and Naive Bayes Classifiers. Predictive Analytics on the go now on both sides of the pond.

You may be wondering ... what is the link between the Amazon European Union (EU) Cloud and Naive Bayes Classifiers? The short answer: They are two new features of the latest version of the ADAPA Scoring Engine.

ADAPA is a revolutionary scoring engine since it allows people anywhere at anytime to deploy and execute their predictive models as a Service on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). ADAPA is also completely standards-based and so reads models expressed in PMML, which is the de facto standard to represent predictive models and their interfaces (data pre- and post-processing). PMML is exported from all the major commercial and open-source model development tools.

In the latest version of ADAPA, users can launch ADAPA instances (virtual machines running ADAPA) on the Amazon EU EC2 (in addition to US EC2). This new feature addresses regulatory constraints for companies in the EU and brings ADAPA closer to users not only in the EU, but also adjacent regions.

Besides being able to have ADAPA closer to users and data, the engine can now also deploy and execute Naive Bayes Classifiers. This is the latest addition to the list of modeling techniques already supported by ADAPA.

Predictive Analytics on the go is now available for launching on both sides of the pond. Closer to users and data.

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