Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ADAPA 2.19 released. New and improved Web Services functionality.

Zementis is constantly adding new features to ADAPA. In its latest 2.19 release (November 30, 2009), it adds an important new feature that significantly enhances bulk scoring of large data sets: scoring of CSV files through web service calls.

With this new feature, an application can now submit for scoring input data compiled in a CSV file (ADAPA already supported SOAP XML format).

As an example, a simple application can export datafrom a database into a file, score the file, and import the results back into the database. And, much like the other web services, the file can be scored against multiple models in a single web service call, saving unnecessary round trip messages.

With CSV being a more compact data format over the SOAP XML representation, this can lead to significant savings in the volume of data being exchanged. In addition, the CSV file can even be submitted in a compressed format to minimize the network transfer time overhead.

For more information on this exciting new feature, please feel free to contact us.

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