Thursday, February 4, 2010

ADAPA 2.20 Released: Enhanced PMML Support and Improved Web Console.

Zementis is constantly adding new features to ADAPA. In its latest 2.20 release (February 2, 2010), it adds important new features with automatic PMML conversion, model composition, and an improved Web Console experience.

Integrated PMML Converter (and Corrector)

With this release, the popular PMML Converter has been incorporated seamlessly into ADAPA. As a result, ADAPA can now directly import older PMML versions. You may be already aware that many of the modeling tools still export older versions of PMML. Now, you can directly import these older versions of PMML into ADAPA without having to manually upgrade them externally. In addition, we have added functionality to automatically correct a number of common problems found in PMML generated by some popular modeling tools, allowing the models to work as intended.

Remember that we recommend that you always run a score matching test to validate the imported models against your data and modeling environment. And if you find that we still missed something in our PMML converter/corrector, do let us know.

Model Composition

ADAPA now supports composing of multiple models into a single model. This important feature supports a variety of model composition cases such as model selection or segmentation, model sequencing, and value post-processing. For examples and instructions on how to represent model composition in PMML and ADAPA, please refer to the ADAPA Predictive Analytics Guide available for download from the ADAPA Console Help page.

Web Console

The ADAPA Web Console now allows you to download any of the imported models. This feature makes it easy to review your models, including any warning messages generated during the import. In addition, given that all imported models are automatically converted, the download feature allows you to retrieve and review the upgraded (and possible corrected) version of your model.

For more information on this exciting new feature, please feel free to contact us.

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