Thursday, May 20, 2010

ADAPA 3.0 Released: Predictive Analytics + Business Rules

Zementis is constantly adding new features to ADAPA. In its latest 3.0 release (May 21, 2010), it takes a giant step into becoming a platform for all your decision needs since it now offers not only the ability to execute predictive models, but also business rules (on the Cloud). The new release also offers many improvements to the web console and lots of new PMML features.

ADAPA 3.0 on the Amazon Cloud is also available in three new high-memory instance types. In addition, all types (old and new) can now be launched in the US, EU, and Asia-Pacific regions.

All the new and exciting features in this 3.0 release are described below.

Predictive Analytics + Business Rules on the Cloud

With ADAPA 3.0, the integration of predictive analytics and rules is seamless. Simply put, ADAPA allows both data-driven and expert knowledge to be combined into a single and concise solution, executed in real-time or in batch-mode. This feature was previously available for on site deployments of ADAPA, but now it also available for ADAPA on the Cloud!

Customized PMML Extensions on the Cloud
You can now easily create and upload to ADAPA your own custom predictive model components. Are you using a transformation not supported in PMML? Not a problem. Just write it in Java, upload it to ADAPA, and use it in your models just as you would use a standard PMML transformation.

PMML Improvements

  • Model Verification: ADAPA now supports the PMML element for Model Verification. This feature adds yet another important PMML element to the already extensive list of elements supported by ADAPA. Model verification via a CSV file continues to be supported (click here for more).
  • Data Types: Enhanced support for models with data type incompatibilities and value down-casting.
  • PMML Conversion: Several PMML converter and corrector improvements, including support for TIBCO models. ADAPA 3.0 and its converter is also tested for compatible models from SAS, IBM SPSS, KXEN, KNIME, RapidMiner, R and Rattle, Microsoft SSIS, Statistica, Microstrategy, Pervasive DataRush, and more.
  • Performance: A number of performance enhancements. ADAPA now is faster than ever!

Web Console Improvements

The web console of ADAPA 3.0 includes several functionality and usability improvements, such as:
  • Ability to upload custom resources: These include non-standard PMML transformations, mapping or look-up tables, and custom data models used in business rules.
  • Dependencies tracking: You are now able to see the dynamic tracking and update of dependencies across models, rules, and custom resources.
  • Enhanced upload capabilities: You can now upload multiple files at once, watch the progress of the upload, and even, stop the upload if necessary.
  • Similar enhanced scoring capability: You can now watch the progress or cancel the uploading and processing of a large data file.

Control Center Improvements
For users of ADAPA on the Amazon Cloud, the 3.0 release is being made available through the control center in three new "High-Memory" instance types: "Extra Large", "Double Extra-Large", and "Quadruple Extra Large". For pricing, please refer to the ADAPA on the Cloud pricing page.

With this release, all existing and new "High-Memory" instance types are available for launching in the Asia-Pacific (Singapore) region, in addition to US and EU regions.

Sample Files

Besides all the new features and improvements listed above, ADAPA 3.0 also comes with a complete set of sample files which include predictive models, rule sets, resource files, reports, as well as test files so that you can get up and running with your decisioning solution right away. The sample files can be downloaded from the help page. In the same page you will also find links to all the ADAPA documentation including the "ADAPA Solutions Guide" which describes how the sample files come together into a single and powerful predictive decisioning solution, which you can make it your own.

Try ADAPA 3.0 today!

If you are already a subscriber, launch your instances. If not, it is easy to subscribe to ADAPA on Amazon. Sign up now!

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