Friday, September 10, 2010

The easiest way to try PMML!

Would you like to take PMML for a spin? Do you have PMML files you would like to test-drive?

ADAPA on the Amazon Cloud, our PMML-based scoring engine, is now available as a free trial. Just register, log in and have fun! Go to:

Feel free to export PMML from your favorite tool and give it a try. ADAPA checks if PMML files are syntactically and semantically sound and if not, it corrects them automatically (if possible). For more info, click HERE.

The free trial also gives you access to the Excel add-in which allows for data scoring directly from within Excel (2007 and 2010).

ADAPA free trial, the easiest way to try PMML!

Friday, September 3, 2010

ADAPA 3.1 Released: Awesome PMML Converter/Corrector

The PMML Converter is now part of ADAPA!

With the release of ADAPA 3.1, we were able to make ADAPA even better when it comes to converting and correcting PMML files. That's because ADAPA now incorporates the PMML Converter which allows it to consume older versions of PMML (2.0 onwards) and convert them internally to the latest PMML version. This is yet another big step towards true interoperability.


When converting a PMML file, ADAPA validates the file against the PMML specification in two levels:

1) Syntactically: this phase works similarly to a spell checker. Its goal is to make sure that the PMML file conforms to the XSD schema. It answer the question: Is the PMML file grammatically sound?

2) Semantically: given that the file is grammatically correct, does it make sense? Is it trying to sum up strings? If so, it may not be a valid model after all. This is a very important phase and crucial for a model to produce scores and probabilities that make sense.


In many cases, even if the model has syntactic or semantic problems, ADAPA automatically corrects known issues for models exported from several model development environments. For that, we peered through thousands of PMML files submitted to us by our partners and clients.


ADAPA is also able to verify that a model has been uploaded correctly. This can be done either via the PMML file itself with the use of the Model Verification element, or via the ADAPA Web Console. In this case, all you need to do is upload a data file with expected results and ADAPA will automatically perform the scoring match test. For more on model verification, please click HERE.

The aim of release 3.1 is to make it extremely easy for users to upload PMML files into ADAPA, a major step towards true interoperability.

If for any reason, your PMML code cannot be converted or corrected automatically, feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

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