Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ADAPA 3.3 Released: Extended PMML Coverage

PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language, allows for a predictive analytic model to be developed in one application and easily moved to another for production deployment and execution.

Once a predictive model is exported from a PMML-compliant tool such as SAS EM, SPSS/IBM, R, KNIME, RapidMiner, ... it can be uploaded directly into the Zementis ADAPA engine which makes the model available for execution via its console or as a web-service. ADAPA can already import most of the techniques defined by the PMML standard and now, with the release of ADAPA 3.3, we have expanded it even further to cover Cox Regression and Ruleset models.

Cox Regression Models

Cox proportional hazards model of survival is used in various industries including pharmaceutical and telecommunications.

Ruleset Models

Ruleset models can be thought of as flattened decision tree models. A ruleset consists of a number of rules in which each rule contains a predicate and a predicted class value.

As of now, ADAPA supports the following modeling techniques:
  • Ruleset Models
  • Clustering Models (Distribution-Based, Center-Based, and 2-Step Clustering)
  • Decision Trees (for classification and regression) together with multiple missing value handling strategies (Default Child, Last Prediction, Null Prediction, Weighted Confidence, Aggregate Nodes)
  • Naive Bayes Classifiers
  • Neural Networks (Back-Propagation, Radial-Basis Function, and Neural-Gas)
  • Regression Models (Linear, Polynomial, and Logistic) and General Regression Models (General Linear, Ordinal Multinomial, Generalized Linear, Cox)
  • Support Vector Machines (for regression and multi-class and binary classification)
  • Scorecards (point allocation for categorical, continuous, and complex attributes)

Additionally, ADAPA supports a myriad of functions for implementing data pre- and post-processing. These include:

  • Value Mapping
  • Discretization
  • Normalization
  • Scaling
  • Logical and Arithmetic Operators

and much much more

If you think of anything ADAPA cannot do or something else you need to do in terms of data manipulation, let us know.

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