Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Universal PMML Scoring for Teradata and Aster

Big Data and PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language, are hot topics these days. But, when combined with in-database scoring, they take a new and powerful meaning. It is then no wonder that Zementis is thrilled to announce its partnership with Teradata, a global leader in data warehousing and analytics.

Teradata and Zementis

Zementis is pleased to announce that its Universal PMML Scoring Engine (UPPI) will soon be available on the Teradata and Aster databases.

Zementis offers a range of products that make possible the deployment of predictive solutions and data mining models built in all the top commercial and open-source data mining vendors. Our products include the ADAPA Decisioning Engine for real-time scoring and UPPI, which is currently available for a host of database platforms as well as Hadoop/Datameer.

With UPPI for Teradata and UPPI for Aster, Zementis is expanding considerably the number of advanced platforms able to combine in-database scoring and data warehousing for rapid, on-the-fly predictive analytics on large volumes of data. 

UPPI for Teradata and UPPI for Aster enable analytic enterprises to realize significant business value from new business models and help companies drive both top-line revenue growth and bottom-line cost savings.
Check out the Zementis website for webinars, presentations and product data sheets and to learn more about in-database scoring with UPPI.

Big Data, Predictive Analytics and PMML

Not all analytic tasks are born the same. If one is confronted with massive volumes of data that need to be scored on a regular basis, in-database scoring sounds like the logical thing to do. In all likelihood, the data in this case is already stored in a database and, with in-database scoring, there is no data movement. Data and models reside together hence scores and predictions flow on an accelerated pace. 

Need some context? Dr. Alex Guazzelli, our VP of Analytics, has been spreading the word about how Predictive Analytics and PMML can tackle the Big Data challenge head-on. 

Dr. Guazzelli's talk at Intellifest 2012 in San Diego, CA. The conference theme this year was "Intelligence in the Cloud", exploring the use of applied AI in cloud computing, mobile apps, Big Data, and many other application areas.

Learn how PMML has turned the task of operationalizing predictive solutions into a no-brainer. Watch Dr. Guazzelli's presentation about PMML to the ACM Data Mining Group at the LinkedIn Auditorium in Sunnyvale, CA. 

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