Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Zementis Partnership with Karmasphere

We are excited to announce our partnership with Karmasphere, a leader in Big Data analytics. This alliance brings the power of PMML-based scoring to the Karmasphere Hadoop universe. Hadoop has emerged as the go-to platform for Big Data analytics. It is no surprise then that Zementis has been hard at work making its predictive analytics engine available for Hadoop users in different shapes and forms (Karmasphere, Hive, Datameer)

The 2013 Hadoop Summit held in San Jose two weeks ago was a memorable event. The summit was a buzz of excitement. It was the perfect venue for Zementis and Karmasphere to announce their partnership. 

How does it work? Simple. Zementis makes PMML-based models available as standard Hive User Defined Functions (UDF's) that can be readily consumed and managed by users of the Karmasphere Workspace for Big Data Analytics.

Practically speaking, it is now easier than ever to move models from your favorite model building environment for scoring in Hadoop. If you use R, for example, simply save your models in PMML-format and use Zementis and Karmasphere to deploy them natively on Hadoop, across all your data and dimensions. No custom code necessary! Easy, cost-efficient and fast.

As Martin Hall, founder and CTO of Karmasphere, says "Zementis' experience making analytic models portable is formidable. We're tapping into that, preparing for a world where more off-the-shelf, very powerful, standard analytics can be available to more analysts, enabling them to work faster in the world of Big Data."  

Read the press release!

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